Versa Throw
Versa Throw
Versa Throw
Versa Throw
Versa Throw

Versa Throw

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A blanket, a scarf, a poncho... all in one. Unisex.

Get creative with the VERSA THROW. Here are some ways you can wear it:

  • Throw
    Use it as a blanket at home, at camp, on the plane, wherever!
  • Hooded Cape
    It's our favourite look.
  • Wrap Around Shawl/Poncho
    This one's great if you're feeling stylish and want to feel extra comfy
  • Open Shawl/Poncho
    When you just want to throw it on quickly
  • Scarf
    Simply let it dangle around your neck or get creative with your twists

Lightweight, breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, temperature regulating, multifunctional and sustainable.

Handmade (yes, by actual people) with 100% Merino wool in Toronto.

Available to order now. Expected shipping date: March 2017



"This is incredibly versatile - a very clever design and wonderful quality Merino. Highly recommended."