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Versa Throw
Versa Throw
Versa Throw
Versa Throw
Versa Throw
Versa Throw

Versa Throw

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The Versa Throw provides sophistication, functionality and comfort.

It is a shawl, a blanket, a scarf, a poncho and more... all in one smart 100% Merino wool throw. 


Get creative with the Versa Throw. Here are some ways you can wear it:

  • Throw
    Use it as a blanket at home, at camp, on the plane, wherever!
  • Hooded Cape
    It's our favourite look.
  • Wrap Around Shawl/Poncho
    This one's great if you're feeling stylish and want to feel extra comfy
  • Open Shawl/Poncho
    When you just want to throw it on quickly
  • Scarf
    Simply let it dangle around your neck or get creative with your twists

100% Merino Wool
The Versa Throw is made of 100% ethically sourced Merino wool.

It is lightweight, breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, temperature regulating, multifunctional and sustainable. This makes the Versa Throw suitable for any climate. Wear it from Winter thru Summer!

Fair and Ethical
We only source our wool from trusted industry partners. The sheep were not mulesed and we only produce in small quantities to make sure that we don't pressure the farmers to produce more.

All our clothes and accessories, including the Versa Throw, are handmade (yes, by actual people) fairly in Toronto



"This is incredibly versatile - a very clever design and wonderful quality Merino. Highly recommended."