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charcoal gray versa toque
Versa Toque
- open back versa toque for pony tail
versa toque as headband or sweatband
versa toque as mask or neck gaiter
Versa Toque
Versa Toque

Versa Toque

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The best-selling charcoal gray Versa Toque is finally back! Let Us Help You "Spring Into Summer" w/ Savings on Versa Toques!

The new 100% Merino wool convertible Versa Toque is the same versatile capsule wardrobe essential that you know and love, but has been upgraded with a bigger and smoother pocket, a more thorough sizing, and the repurposed leather tag has been replaced with eco-friendly cork!

The Versa Toque is a must-have everyday accessory & travel essential.

Wear your temperature regulating Versa Toque as a beanie, neck gaiter, mask and headband this Spring or any time of the year!  

100% Merino Wool

The versa toque is made of 100% ethically sourced Merino wool.
It is lightweight, breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, temperature regulating, multifunctional and sustainable. Wash less & save water. The Versa Toque suitable for any climate. Wear it from Winter thru Summer!  

A tested versatile design crafted with minimalists & go-getters in mind.

The Versa Toques multiway style, smart Merino wool fabric and interior pockets make it ideal for everyday and travel wear.

anatomy of the versa toque 

Responsibly Made In Canada

We only source our wool from trusted industry partners. The sheep were not mulesed and we only produce in small quantities to make sure that we don't pressure the farmers to produce more.

All our clothes and accessories, including the Versa Toque, are handmade (yes, by actual people) fairly in Toronto, Canada. We contract local seamstresses to support the local fashion design & production industry.


New Size Guide

-  ( 19" - 22" circumference )
generally fits adolescents and petit women

0  ( 22"-24" circumference )
fits most people

+  ( 23" - 25" circumference )
fits most men or women who prefer a bit more allowance when wearing as a neck gaiter or headband. Also good for those with thicker hair. 

When worn as a hat, the versa toque is meant to fit as a slouchy beanie.


Looking for the original Versa Toque? We still have some Military Green toques left in stock!



"I gifted the versa toque to my son and (he) just loves it! He is a cyclist. He uses it under his helmet, which has kept him warm for the winter rides. He is planning to ride across Canada this Summer."

"I've been wearing this on my walk to the office and love wearing it more as a scarf in winter! I feel that it keeps my neck and face very warm despite how thin it is. People have been asking me about it!"