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Conscientious capsule clothing that fits your lifestyle gracefully!

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Thoughtfully Designed & Made In Canada 🍁

Project Vdora creates versatile clothing with your convenience in mind.

Live & Travel Sustainably, In Style! 
Worry less about what to wear and start living more.
Now you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style nor give up precious luggage & closet space just to add variety to your look.

Project Vdora uses sustainable quality fabric and multifunctional yet minimalist design on your everyday essentials & travel clothing so
you can live the good life everyday with less.

Effortless Elegance

Build a beautifully versatile sustainable wardrobe that transcends time.

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Live The Good Life With A Clear Conscience

Project Vdora was started and is run by a designer who, after living and traveling abroad for a year with just a luggage and a backpack, returned home believing that it is possible to create better products that can help sustain a good lifestyle with less...
without sacrificing the good of another.

Project Vdora is a small business that encourages sustainable thinking, beauty in nature & work, respect for life and responsible stewardship of the environment; thus promoting quality over quantity, smart designs, mindful travel, local livelihood and ethical production.

Project Vdora's capsule clothing are designed thoughtfully & made in small batches in Toronto.
They are produced responsibly through the help & skills of local makers. 

So you can feel great in & about your conscious wardrobe!

Our Versatile Clothing Are Thoughtfully Created for Your Lifestyle

This is incredibly versatile - a very clever design and wonderful quality Merino. Highly recommended.

Erika ★★★★★

I gifted the versa toque to my son and (he) just loves it! He is a cyclist. He uses it under his helmet, which has kept him warm for the winter rides. He is planning to ride across Canada this Summer.

P ★★★★★

If I hang my Vdora shirt, it airs out the smell of smoke, food, etc. Not like my other shirts that just absorb the smell.

T Kut ★★★★★

Oh man I love love my versa throw and toque!!! Amazing and lovely! They will be favorite pieces of mine for years to come! Thank you!!!

Mandy L ★★★★★

...Wore the wrap to work yesterday and love it..  Office temperature changes a lot so used the throw as a blanket, poncho, and shawl. Looks and feels great, and is definitely going to be a favorite for a long time.  I love the design which makes it so versatile. 

Grace ★★★★★

I am so impressed with the products I have ordered and the customer service has been outstanding.

Patricia ★★★★★

What! There are pockets! How did I not know? Also, I haven't washed this shirt in 3 months.. and it doesn't stink at all.


Shopping online is a bit of a leap of faith for me so I was very pleased with the customer service they provided throughout the process. Will definitely shop from Project Vdora again.

Helen ★★★★★

Sometimes I feel as though my Vdora is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Mo ★★★★★

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